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These worlds were formed from many oozes, of slimy substances that pound, mix and mash. 
The slippery sludges of daily mundanity converge into a lake of strange splendor, and The Gooshlands are born.

This is a pack of four worlds you can explore in Katelabs:

  • Gooshlands, a mish-mash created via a collaboration with several friends
  • Desert Pilgrimage, a map which sends you on a long journey across red-hot dunes
  • Magic Carpet, in which rainbow carpets shoot sparkles to stress-test your PC
  • Boxforest, a ghostly indoor grove

These worlds are in open beta, and more will be added to them over time, probably.

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Tags3D, Comedy, katelabs, Walking simulator


GooshlandsGathering-1.2.zip 29 kB

Install instructions

Make sure your install of Katelabs is up-to-date.

Instructions, if you need them, can be found in the Readme.

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