Available now for the public, this is a disparate, incomplete collection of visual works unearthed from the past few months (end of 2021 to now). It's not meant to be coherent, it's about looking at the pictures and feeling the mood.

Step into this beautiful dirt-covered bookstore in a sewer - it's not just for your eyes, but your heart! Temperature must be carefully balanced to prevent the thawing of all these frozen moments. These pages are being hosted for you to be looking falling sinking into mental illness feeling anxiety stress depression all at once.

I experienced a lot of executive dysfunction throughout the making of this. This took a great deal of energy out of me. I would like to make improvements or expand on the ideas presented here at some later point, but I am in no place to make promises. For now, please take this for what it is.

My path towards evil begins here.

Some Credits
The ASCII text on the first spread was created with PatorJK's ASCII generator.
Fonts? I definitely recall using Lunchtime Doubly So, Poetsen One, DP Comic, Dancing Script... some from Anna Anthropy's font pack I think? Yeah I went a bit overboard with the fonts.

If I missed something, I am not trying to be malicious. I'm just making weird comics to cope (with anxiety, depression, etc), slowly tinkering on them over multiple months, and sometimes I forget what I used. The moment I remember or rediscover any other assets used, I will amend this list ASAP.


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