Version 3

Version 3 has been released due to critical mistakes that I made during the development process.

While I am an advocate for being spontaneous and how it can work wonders for the creative process, there are some subjects that should be approached with more forethought. I feel that the first version of my game did not handle its subjects with care and since that point I have done nothing but feel regret for how poorly I handled the explanations in question.

The game, in its current state, is a vast improvement over what was there before. I have made my tangents far more relevant to my beliefs, and have taken care to make sure they are presented in the exact level of detail I want. I have learned my lesson, and in the future I will ensure that I make no assumptions about the level of knowledge one enters my games with, especially in regard to marginalized and commonly-misunderstood groups of people.

If you have played (or viewed) the game in its old inferior state, I beg you to give the game another look so you can see what my true intentions with this piece were meant to be. Thank you very much.


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May 10, 2021
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May 10, 2021

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