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Thanks for making this. Non-Binary people are not really all that celebrated in society. I welcome all Enby peeps to stand up, and celebrate yourself!

I'll start. 

I'M NON-BINARY AND PROUD!! (Taken from Spongebob's "I'm Ugly and I'm Proud moment.  Which I am that too. At least I'm proud! (: )


Thank you for putting this out <3

I just want to reach out to one person, and touch their heart, and say, "Hey. It's gonna be all right."

You did.
Thank you. 


For being late in the game Jam, its been the words Ive needed to hear at the right time. Thanks for making this, just come out to partner as Enby.


Thank you for sharing this 💕


Goodbye and welcome ♥


Thanks for making this little poem-game. I've been feeling a lot of the same imposter syndrome feelings around gender and identity, and this helped me feel less alone.


Wow this is really good ahh!! I read through all of it (unless I missed a sidenote accidentally) and the wordflow in your work is just wonderful. I like that it's sometimes vague in that poetic abstract way, but still clear that the though-provoking didn't get me out of the experience of the game. The end almost had me tear up; it really put my own feelings of freedom with being enby/agender into beautiful words :)


I ended up crying after reading this because you were able to capture how I feel, too. Thank you, I feel seen :)

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Very nice, short experience! I showed this off, you can check it out at

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Was not mentally prepared for my game to be streamed. If I knew it would be on video I would have probably put more effort into adding graphics or something. Thank you, but I'm not sure if I can watch, I get attention anxiety sometimes. Not a good trait to have when sharing your work on the internet, I know... but I try to manage with the cards I've been dealt.

EDIT: Tried to watch a bit and I'm cringing at my own words so hard right now. Why am I like this lol


Hah, I understand. No sweat if you don't want to watch, I do it for those who do! And I thought it was nice. It's really easy to be super critical of your own work


Thank you. I was having a kinda bad day and your words have helped.


Love it! I definitely think Twine and Bitsy are non-solid, soft / fluid game-making tools, and using these tools as an enby / trans developer makes perfect sense to me! I’m gonna share this to some people.

based and theypilled

? What does that mean?